Fabricating parts from stainless steel tube and wire

Colorado HypoTube specializes in manufacturing parts from stainless steel tube and wire to meet your specifications; precision cutting, bending, flaring, grinding, and polishing based on your design. We are here to help with small orders and prototyping to full production. We manufacture parts used in, fiber optics, surgical tools, aerospace, pumps, and sensor probes. Let us help get your project to the next step. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

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Stainless steel tubes

Specialized stainless steel tubing products

Specialized stainless steel tubing products are what Colorado Hypotube continues to produce. We cater to small quantities as well as larger runs. Colorado HypoTube offers precision bending of any stainless steel hypodermic tubing of all sizes and lengths. Precision swaging of ends, cutting, flaring, drilling, and polishing complete your product. We can help you design your concept and follow up with the production. Let us see what we can do for you.

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Updated Equipment, More Capacity

Colorado HypoTube has been fortunate to continue growing, adding more staff and equipment. This allows us to produce stainless steel tube products more efficiently to stay competitive in this unique market. Your products are our livelihood, and we strive to make them perfect. We are a small shop with a big quality attitude. Often more responsive than in-house tool rooms, we will work directly with you to create and manufacture the products you need, from engineering samples to production runs, we will get the job done. Give us a call, we’d love to hear your ideas or concepts and help you bring them to fruition.


We are proud to have been certified as an ISO 9001-2015 business in August 2022

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